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CHERRY AC 3.3 Palm rest for CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S

RM 86.00
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The CHERRY palm rest and the mounting feets, made of high-quality aluminum, provides optimal ergonomical support for the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S keyboard. It is a stylish way to maintain a natural hand posture. Relax and play longer.

  • High-quality aluminum palm rest and mounting feets, suitable for the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S
  • Original accessory - made of high-quality aluminum
  • Ergonomically optimized to support a natural hand position when playing and typing
  • Helps prevent wrist pain
  • Noticeably eases the strain for prolonged use
  • Palmrest -quick and easy to attach to the keyboard with snap hooks
  • Mounting feets easy to attach without tools
  • Available in different colors – to match the keyboard